Minutes Of Extraordinary General Meeting

Sutton Tennis & Squash Club

Minutes Of Extraordinary General Meeting

Held on Thursday 31st May 2018 at 7.00p.m


Chairman, Peter Ward

Secretary, Colin Whitehair

Treasurer, Steph Bailey

Men’s Tennis Captain, Jason Smythe

Ladies’ Tennis Captain, Sarah Lawrence-Taylor

Squash Captain, Andrew Jennings

House & Grounds, Chris Pike

Club Manager, Karl Stowell


                               39 members registered attendance


Apologies            Pat Webster, Scilla Robinson, Sylvia Timberlake, Celma Kemple, Garth Furmidge, Lydia Grant

1. Introduction

The chairman opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed everyone present. He thanked them all for coming to support the meeting. The meeting had been called by the Management Committee (ManCom) to consider the proposal to convert to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO).

He introduced the proposal by explaining that his review of the finances of the club showed a current reliance on “fortuitous income” such as rental of the mobile phone mast which may not be sustainable.

Currently a not for profit business the Club means it is not easy to build reserves to support major developments.

ManCom had reviewed options and recommends becoming a CIO.

He asked Secretary, Colin Whitehair, to present the proposal.


2. Presentation

Colin ran through slides of points which had been available on the website as attached to these minutes.

He highlighted :

·         that as an unincorporated association members were potentially personally exposed to any liabilities of the club

·         comparison of CASC and CIO

·         the financial benefits

·         the resultant structure of the club

·         the next steps

He referenced the draft constitution which had been recently posted on the website and on noticeboards at the club.


3. Questions

Colin invited questions and gave answers to a number of questions including the following:

Tony Mason asked about the role of trustees and their independence from ManCom.

Chris Willis and Steve Clark asked about voting rights of non playing members

Members asked for clarification over gift aid and the personal liability risks which he addressed.

Tim Davies proposed that the position of the eligibility of trustees and voting be considered further and the final constitution be presented to a further meeting for ratification.


4. Vote

With the agreement of the meeting Colin moved to take a vote to accept the recommendation of ManCom on condition that the final constitution be brought back to a general meeting as soon as possible to take account of the questions raised.

The vote was unanimous in favour of the proposal.

Colin thanked the meeting and declared the EGM closed.



Minutes agreed and signed