£7,929.07 Presented to Royal Marsden

On Wednesday 11th December 2019, Sutton Tennis & Squash Club presented a cheque to Ms Lily Pye from the Royal Marsden for £7,929.07 pence.

This incredible total is a tribute to the hard work of Steve Tiddy, Peter Ward, Chris Pike and to you the members. The total was achieved through a variety of channels……..

Steve Tiddy & Chris Pike’s Charity Mixed Doubles raised £4700 and Peter Ward sold an Andy Murray Limited Edition print that contributed £2000 to the RM & considerably boosted Club funds.
There were also numerous other activities that contributed to the final amount.

Thanks to all of you for your incredible generosity including Jamie Sacchi’s tennis group & Martin Rose’s Wednesday night team for adding glamour & stardust to the presentation photograph.

The Tennis Committee