About Squash at STSC

Squash and Racquetball at Sutton

  • SRA “Club Charter” status granted to a club which has excellent facilities, offers a welcoming environment, sets high standards in child protection and works closely with local schools to develop the future generations of squash and racquetball players.

Key facilities

  • Two squash courts open 9am – 10pm every day (except Sundays open until 8.40pm and Christmas day)
  • Air conditioned courts so always heated/cooled to playing temperature
  • Lighting included in booking fee. LED lights
  • Courts cost £2.50 to book (peak times 5.20-10pm Monday-Friday); £2 off peak
  • Spacious changing rooms with excellent showers
  • Great meals available at bar after you have played with a bar open every evening and during the day at weekends.

Services and events

  • Club coaching session very Thursday evening at 7.20pm and 8pm with our professional squash coach, Sam Hodgkins – cost £4 per session
  • Monthly leagues run – typically 5-6 leagues during winter months, and a squash ladder for players of all standards
  • Club mixing in evening every Sunday 5-7.30/8pm, run by our Club Coach throughout the year
  • Racquetball evening on Fridays  7-9pm – come along and mix in
  • Junior group coaching on Thursday afternoons with coach,  Sam Hodgkins
  • Surrey Cup Senior Men’s and Junior teams
  • Regular club tournaments and other social squash events
  • Off peak booking for juniors free

How to book Courts

  • There is an internet booking system to book courts up to three weeks in advance.  Check availability and book your court at the club, at home or from your mobile
  • Great value court booking fee of £2.50 per 40 minutes peak times and £2.00 off-peak.
  • We have two courts which are bookable via our internet booking system which can be accessed remotely or from the screen in the lobby immediately outside the squash courts.
  • The courts can be booked for 40 minute sessions at a cost of £2.50 each for weekday evenings (from 5.20pm) and £2.00 at all other times.  In order to book these courts members are supplied with remote access security PINs/passwords
  • You need to purchase vouchers at £10 each which you credit to your squash booking account.  These vouchers can be bought at the bar during bar opening hours either by cash or by credit card
  • The squash courts can be booked between 8.40am with the last court available at 9.20-10pm
  • Bar opening hours are 5.00-11.00pm, Monday-Friday, 12.00pm- 11.00pm Saturdays and 12.00pm – 9.30pm Sundays. During this time access to the squash courts is through the Clubhouse.  Outside these hours, the clubhouse is often open, but when it is not, members are provided with an access card which provides access to changing rooms, showers and the squash courts.
  • The lights are automatically linked to the court booking system and come on shortly before the commencement of the booking period.  Extra sessions of 10 minutes (or multiples of 10 minutes) can be booked from the screen in the squash lobby, thus players can extend their game if the court they have booked has not already been reserved (or they can start their game early
  • Heaters are not required as the courts are air-conditioned
Changing facilities
  • Updated spacious changing facilities are available and accessible at all time the courts are open
  • Power showers are provided which members regard as some of the best in sports clubs in Surrey
  • Lockable storage units are provided in the changing rooms.
Bar and Meals

After your game relax over a drink at the bar or order a meal (available Monday-Friday, 5.00-10.00pm, Saturday 10.30am-10.00pm)

Regular Squash Events/Leagues
Club Evenings

Every Sunday between 5.20 and 7.30/8pm there is a Club mixing in session which is open to members of all standards.  This session is organised by our Club Coach Sam Hodkins. Sam ensures that everyone gets a game, matches players of comparable standard and is available to give tips, encouragement and advice.

Group Coaching

At 7.20 and 8pm on Thursday evenings there are club coaching sessions at which Sam Hodgkins provides coaching to groups of players.  The cost is only £4 per person for a 40 minute session and provides a great opportunity for players to improve their squash.

Squash Leagues

Each month starting on 1st squash Club leagues are organised.  There are five players in each league and we currently have six leagues.  Players have to play the other four players and the member with the best results is promoted to the next higher league at the end of the month.  Players are expected to play a minimum of one game to remain in the leagues.


We run our Club tournament annually, usually between February and April. There is an Open, Veterans, Double, Handicap as well as Junior tournaments.

Men’s Surrey Cup Team

Sutton currently has two men’s team entered into the Surrey Leagues.  We are in Division 4 and 8 in the winter leagues and division 3 and 8 in the summer leagues.  We are always looking for additional members of this team or the opportunity to enter a second or a veteran’s (over 45) team.

Adult Squash Coaching

Sam Hodginks is available to provide individual squash coaching sessions.  These usually last about 1 hour but can be booked for 40 minute periods as well.  Please contact Sam directly to arrange these.  His contact details are 07738 266230 or samuelhodgkins@yahoo.co.uk.

Other Events

We run other social squash events such a Bell Tournaments from time to time.

Juniors – Coaching and other Events

Every Thursday afternoon during term time, Sam Hodgkins runs our Junior Group Coaching.Click Here for more details

Sam is available to provide coaching for juniors.

We run an annual junior tournament for advanced and intermediate juniors. And will be looking to re-establish our junior Surrey Cup teams

  • Racquetball can be played on our squash courts at any time – just book a court and play
  • There is a racquetball evening on Fridays  from 7-9pm
  • Racquetball coaching is available from Sam Hodgkins
Your Committee

Adam Blewer is Squash Captain and the squash representative on the Club’s Management Committee.
Contact details: adamblewer@gmail.com / 07974171850

He is ably supported by the following squash committee members: Phil Coleman, Mike Connaughton, Boris Petri and Phil Layton.