Bar prices at STSC to be split for members and non-members

As of 1st May, current bar and food prices will be for adult members of STSC, with non-members paying approximately 10% more. This includes all food and drink from the bar. Low bar prices are a benefit of membership and the club is keen for this benefit to be received by members only, but at the same time encouraging guests and other users of the club to join themselves and receive the full benefits of membership. With social membership costing only £36, the membership will pay for itself in only a few visits to the bar.

How will this work?

All members receive a yellow membership card. This card will be swiped at the bar and the 10% discount will be applied.


Not all members’ cards will work properly (and how to fix)

Any members who joined before March 2017 should have cards which work properly. However, in the case of members who joined after this time, many cards are not properly set up and will need linking to the till system. This only takes a couple of minutes and will only need doing once. If your card does not work properly the first time you try to use it, the bar staff will be able to correct it for you.


What if I have lost my card or never received one in the first place?

Contact club manager, Karl Stowell on 07976 547239 or He will give you a new card.


You can put credit on your card

Why not load up your account with credit, then all you’ll need to pay at the bar is your membership card? In fact, even if you don’t have your card, you’ll still be able to pay as we only need to put your name in to access your credit.


If I lose my card, will I lose my credit?

No – the card is really only a quick way to access your account on the till. Your credit will be there even if you lose your card. You can always receive a new membership card if needed.


Do junior members receive the discount?

No – but parents of junior members may want to become social members themselves then they can use their discount when buying food and drink for their children.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Karl on 07976 547239 or or, even better, leave a comment below and we’ll answer for everyone to see.