Celebrating Ladies’ Tennis at STSC

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Our Ladies Team Tennis team have just gained promotion to the National Division so we thought this would be a good opportunity, not just to celebrate that result but widen it celebrate the progress of our other ladies teams and more broadly the success and development of women and girls tennis at the club in general.

Just to give you some headlines:

Team Tennis

Our Team Tennis team have gained promotion to the National division working their way up from Division 3.

Ladies 1st

Our ladies first team has won the division for 10 successive seasons (hopefully 11 at the end of this season!), not only that but they have only lost 1 match, drawing 3 and wining the other 46 – which is a phenomenal track record putting them now in division 3.

Also over those 10 seasons the no.1 ranked player in the division has been one of our club players.

Ladies 2nd

Our ladies second team have worked their way from Division 20 and are now in Division 11


Ladies 3rd

Our ladies 3rd team are currently holding their position in Division 18, sitting in 3rd place at the minute.


Mixed League

We also have been playing in the mixed league, working our way up to the top division which last year we won.

Fantastic results for the club all round!


Finally, not only have our teams been improving over the years but hopefully you will have noticed we have significantly more female members at the club now.  There are a good number of ladies who not only play in the teams but who join in the mix in sessions and ladies who are regularly down playing singles or doubles socially which is great to see.

In fact since 2012 our women and girls membership – that’s U8 through to adults has grown by 35%. Which is fantastic and we want to continue to encourage that to grow even more with everyone’s support at the club.


Team Tennis Highlights (by Lydia Morris)

I have played for our Ladies first team for a while now but have only been part of the Team Tennis team for the first time this year having played for DL Purley for about the past 15 years. I felt it was the right time to come back and play for what I class very much as my home club, and felt that playing in the regional division would be a bit nicer for me now I’m getting older – only the girls have been so impressive this season they have pushed us up to the National Tier! Guess I’m going to have to practice more!


Anyway, having watched the girls this season I just wanted share with you a few of my highlights:


  • First off the prep and getting to know the girls – session held before the season which Craig took (thank you Craig). Really helped set us in right direction and continued throughout the season. (Lucy mentioning that Celine was 26 years younger than me)
  • The Commitment of the girls to play the matches and really want to be a part of this club and team
  • The team spirit – most important, not just standing on the sidelines and watching but genuinely trying to help each other improve their game in a supportive way.



There have also been some individual highlights for me that I wanted to share. I’m not going to mention all the players as they have all been superb. These are just some of my highlights:


Jodie Lawrence Taylor – has won every singles rubber, in Team Tennis since we started in 2014 24/24  in total, and only lost 1 doubles. This is even more impressive considering she has, in the majority, been playing at no. 1. Certainly this season she has had to work extremely hard and one of the most memorable matches in particular lasted almost 4 hours – outside in the cold and wind. That said, I’m not sure if these matches have been more traumatic for Jodie or those of us watching her…..she certainly put us through it! I was more wiped out watching her than playing my matches!


Since starting to play for the club at 13 Jodie has also won 70/71 Ladies Doubles matches in the Surrey Leagues – so all round a pretty impressive record!


Jodie also has a special cake baking skills which we have all very much appreciated this season (great post match) and which you may get to experience a little later!


Dani Hack – has been like our quiet assassin. Always so pleasant and smilie she quietly went about her matches and had some fantastic results wining 7 out o 8 of her matches losing one singles match to a very good player and even that she fought through to 3 sets. Her support of her team mates also went above and beyond, almost lying on the floor to watch one match under the windbreakers surrounding the court and on a freezing cold day!


Lucy Charlton – Won all of the 4 matches she played but in particular travelled to Maresfield when she was due at a best mates baby shower, lost the first set and could have easily rushed to get off the court but grinded out a 3 set win, which was very much needed. And she was late for the baby shower – such is the dedication of the team!


Captain – favorite moments – saved the day with big doubles match debut – still in shock! Looking forward to the moment we see Steve Tiddy on the court for the mens team!!!


Celine – thought I was 20!


Laura Cazacu – has in particular been our doubles star. If you ever get the chance to watch her play you should – the power that comes out on her forehand sometimes is phenomenal and often followed up by the most beautiful dropshot. I would also like to say she flys across the net like a swan but sometimes it’s not particularly swan like! It is pretty impressive though.


What is also impressive is her nails! Honestly they have been as much a topic of conversation over this season as the matches!



Anyway, for me personally it really has been an absolute pleasure to be part of this team (as it is the generally the ladies team here at the club) and in particularly see how supportive everyone is of each other.


Spirit of the club


Finally, I guess I just wanted to say a few general words having been a part of this club for some time now and representing the club as both a committee member and player.


Whilst I have highlighted some of the Team Tennis achievements this year what makes it really special is this club. I have been a member of a number of clubs since starting tennis at the age of 12 and can honestly say this club is special. It feels like a real club, you can walk into it any day of the week and people will say hi. Tou can meet up with friends or enjoy the BBQ on a Thursday. I genuinely feel this is my home and I feel extremely proud to be a member. I hope many of you feel the same and in particular I hope we can show the younger, newer members of this club how fantastic it is so that they will want to continue to be a part of it for many years in the future.


Jodie & Laura leaving


There are a few of our first team players who are off to university in the states – Jodie, Laura, Martina and India – and we just want to take this opportunity to say good luck and wish them well.


We also wanted to in particular thank Jodie and Laura for their commitment to the club over the past few years as their contribution to date has been quite astounding.


Not only have their individual performances been impressive but we wanted to pay particular note to their partnership in doubles. Over the last few years playing for the club, they have been unbeaten. Not one loss. They have won 32/32 in surrey league and 13/13 Team Tennis…..that’s all 45 doubles matches they have played together – which really is quite some feat. What I find SO impressive is that they have both been able to keep their concentration long enough to do that! Seriously if you watch them play they literally never stop talking! Also Laura has a tendency to go to the wrong club……


We also know they will be back to play for us next year – Laura has even promised to forego seeing her family to make sure she is back to play at the end of next years season!


Seriously, good luck girls, Jodie, Laura and India – we will miss you but enjoy yourselves and make the most of the experience.


I would like to say on behalf of the team a huge thank you to Sarah Lawrence Taylor, who has been a fantastic team captain – Thank you Sarah.


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