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Tennis & Squash Courts

7 days per week, 8am-10pm


Monday – Friday 5pm – 11pm

Saturday 10.30am-11pm

Sunday 12pm-9.30pm



Sutton Tennis & Squash Club
19 Devonshire Road, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5HH


0208 643 2940 / 07976 547239 (club manager)



There is a small car park and some parking spaces on the front of the club, with a total space for about 10 cars. Strictly for club members and visitors.

Parking in the roads around the club

All the roads around the club, including Devonshire Road itself have available parking on the road. This ranges from full restriction (no parking any time) to some restrictions (parking at some times) to no restrictions (park any time).

However, at busy times it may be that none of those spaces are available. Please don't be tempted to try to squeeze in in a way which affects other road users and residents as this causes complaints and you may get a ticket.

This includes:

  • Parking across a lowered pavement or driveway
  • Parking too close to another car and blocking it in
  • Parking in a way which will block the way for larger vehicles, e.g. emergency vehicles
  • Parking close to a junction

Where can you park?

If there are no spaces directly around the club, there is plenty of space, with no restrictions in Crossways - with the club entrance on your left, turn left at the junction and go straight. This is anything from 1 to 5 minutes walk to the club, depending how far up the road you park.

There is also lots of parking and few restrictions (no parking between 12 & 1pm) in The Gallop - again turn left out of Devonshire Road but bear right.