Extraordinary General Meeting, October 8th, 8.00pm

Proposal to change status of Club to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)

Your Management Committee give notice of a General Meeting to be held in the clubhouse on Monday 8 October at 8pm. All members are encouraged to attend as we will be finalising the future constitution of the Club.

There is one item only on the agenda:

To agree an updated Constitution to enable the Club to convert to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). A vote will be held at the meeting and with the agreement of at least two thirds of the members present the Management Committee will proceed with the change.

We very much hope that you will be able to join us to discuss the matter. A summary of the proposed changes is shown below and full details will be posted on the Club website and on the notice boards at the Club ahead of the meeting or available on request



1) Trustees

Previously the initial trustees were proposed as 3 officials from the Management Committee. It is now a principle that a majority of the trustees of the CIO should not be involved in the day to day management of the Club. They are responsible for the signing of the accounts and agreeing the budget but most importantly they are there to ensure the CIO constitution is upheld and formally appoint the management. It is proposed that one is automatically the Club Chairman in an ex officio capacity. The others would be elected by voting members at the AGM for a three year term with one stepping down each year. In the first year the current President has agreed to serve for the remainder of their term as President which is one year.  If a member stands as a trustee, they cannot also stand for the management committee, apart from the Chairman who is automatically a trustee. We are fortunate to have a very experienced Trustee as a member. Tim Davies is a solicitor and Trustee of the Children’s Trust in Tadworth. Tim has agreed to serve as an initial Trustee at the Club. So clause 12 has been amended to reflect the above and subsection 4 to show the first trustees as Peter Ward (Chairman), Jenny Higgs and Tim Davies.

2) Voting members

The Management Committee has spent a good amount of time considering the points raised at the first EGM regarding the status of Social Members. As stated at the first EGM we remain mindful of the primary objective of the CIO to promote active participation in racquet sport. We are reluctant to add further complexity to the membership categories so propose to amend the voting members to include all life and honorary members

Supporting information

Please click below to see relevant supporting documents:

Presentation which will be delivered on Monday 8th October

Proposed full constitution including tracked changes For EGM