Equipment Guide

Do you have questions about tennis, squash and/or racketball equipment?  Like, which racket is best for my child?  Or, where's the best place to buy it all?

You'll find all the answers here!



Mini & Junior


Firstly, you'll need the correct size racket:

Tots (4 & Under)


Mini Red (8 & Under)

21’ - 23'

Mini Orange (9 & Under)


Mini Green (10 & Under)


Yellow (11+)



Mini Red

Mini Orange

Mini Green




Adults (18+)


Once you've worked out the correct size racket you need, you'll now have the task of working out which racket you like the best.

Rackets are normally categorised into beginner, intermediate & advance.  Beginner rackets are generally the cheaper option with the price increasing as you progress.

Other things you might want to think about are the weight of the racket and the head size.  The weight of the racket could affect the racket head speed, whilst the racket head size could affect the size of the sweetspot.

Some specialist tennis shops allow you to 'try before you buy'.  They will allow you to take a tennis racket away to test it out yourself.

The main thing is to make sure the racket feels comfortable for you.


Next, you'll need the correct grip size.  If the grip is the wrong size, you could suffer from an injury commonly known as tennis elbow.

Hand measurement (mm)

(measure from the centre of your palm in a straight line to the tip of your third finger, see image below)

Grip size

100 – 103


103 – 106


106 – 110


110 – 113


113 – 116


116 – 119


A good way to test if your grip is the right size, is to slide your forefinger of your free hand between the tips of your fingers and palm of the hand you are using to hold the racket.  If it fits, it is the correct size.  If the grip is too small, you can easily put an overgrip over the top.  You can buy overgrips from the bar at STSC and just ask a coach to help you put it on.



You'll be pleased to know you don't need specialist tennis clothing in order to play!  You should however wear sports clothes.

We have a range of excellent clothing available for adults, juniors & minis.  All clothing is branded with the STSC logo and can be modified with your initials and other additional print if you wanted.

Go to  to view all the club clothing and order online.

If you start to compete in LTA sanctioned tournaments and events you may have to wear specific tennis clothing (i.e. no football kits!). Just check with the competition organiser if you ever have any questions.


The type of footwear you choose to play tennis in is very important.  Tennis shoes are very different to normal trainers.  Most trainers are not designed for quick direction changes. They'll not support your feet very well and can potentially leave marks on the tennis court.

We recommend investing in a good pair of tennis shoes that will support your ankle properly and are non-marking to protect the courts.

Where's the best place to buy equipment?

Here are some places we recommend buying from:

You'll get quality equipment for a reasonable price!

Some websites have a 'Sale' section - be sure to check it out to grab a bargain!



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Coming Soon!

If you have anymore questions, be sure to ask a coach!