Welcome to Mini squash membership

Welcome to Mini Squash membership at Sutton Tennis & Squash Club. This page gives you lots of information about your membership, but you can also contact Club Manager, Karl Stowell with any questions on manager@stscsport.co.uk / 020 8643 2940 / 07976 547239.

Getting Started

Contact Squash Coach, Sam Hodgkins 07738 266230 or samuelhodgkins@yahoo.co.ukto arrange a FREE taster session if you are not already involved in squash at the club. Your child will receive a membership card and a swipe card, which is used to gain entry through the side gate when the clubhouse is closed and to the squash court area. This card will be at the bar or with Club Manager, Karl Stowell. Please pick it up when you come to the club.

Your child’s membership entitles him or her to full use of the squash courts from 8.40am to 10.40pm, and the clubhouse whenever open, including TV, table tennis, pool table and changing rooms.

Court fees & playing with your child
  • For all junior squash members, courts are free at off-peak times (Monday to Friday pre-5pm and all weekend). Courts cost £2.50 for 40 minutes at peak times.
  • With mini squash membership, parents who are not members can play with children for free at off-peak times. At peak times, parents pay a guest fee of £5, which should be paid at the bar prior to playing.
Coaching & playing sessions

We have junior group Coaching sessions on Thursdays. Find out more about these sessions HERE

Operating the Squash Court booking and lighting system

You will be emailed your passwords, PINs and other details for the squash court booking system.  Please take a moment to update your contact details with contact number etc.  You can now use this to register your squash vouchers and start booking courts.

If the booking PIN, and other details are  not in your in box it may have gone into spam as the sender was ‘noreply@sdtscsport.mycourts.co.uk’
Set out below are the instructions for booking squash courts :

Squash Court Booking Instructions

Court fees are:

  • £2.50 per 40 minute session during peak times (Monday to Friday, 5.20-10.00pm)
  • Free for juniors during off-peak times (Monday to Friday 8.40am to 5.20pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Courts must be booked as set out below
  1. Log onto:  http://stscsport.mycourts.co.uk
  2. If this takes you to the ‘Mycourts’ clients and testimonials page, as it sometimes does if logging in initially just scroll down to the ‘Sutton Tennis and Squash’ club address and click on that name and you will be taken to the STSC court booking site.
  3. Log onto the court booking site.  You will need your User Name and your password.  These have been sent (or emailed to you).  You will need to remember your user name as this cannot be changed, but you can change your password – see below.
  4. PIN number – when using the touch screen at the Club you will need your PIN number.  This has also been sent/e-mailed to you.  You can change this to another randomly assigned number but you cannot select your own number.
  5. You will need to top up your account with a £10 voucher which can be bought from the bar (either by paying cash or by credit card).  Click on the ‘Top up with Voucher’ heading in panel on left of screen.  Using the voucher number and the voucher code enter these into the box provided.  Read the instructions below these boxes to ensure you recognise whether you are entering numbers or letters.
  6. To book a Court – select the date of the court you wish to book in the panel on left of screen.  At the top of the day shown select whether you want to book for the morning, afternoon or evening.  Select the court which you wish to book and click on that time.  Then confirm that you wish to book that court.  You will automatically receive a confirmation email which you can use to send onto your opponent.  You can even select your opponent (optional).
  7. If you wish to cancel – just go into “My Bookings and cancel and you will be refunded the cost if cancelled within 48 hours of the booking time.  You will receive an automatic court cancellation e-mail.
  8. To change a Password – go to ‘My Settings’ and enter a new password and click submit – it is done – make sure you remember the new password. You can use the same screen to change your PIN to a new randomly chosen number.LIGHTS
  9. Extra light time at the end of (or before) a court booking can be purchased by using the touch screen in the squash court lobby.  Increments of 10 minutes at a time can be bought (at 40p per 10 minutes) by logging in with your user name and PIN and using the credit on your account to buy as much time as required. This is subject to the court not having been booked previously.
  10. If you come along to play squash when the courts are not booked, as an alternative to booking a court you can just purchase 40 minutes of light time.  This may be more convenient rather than waiting for a specific court booking time to start.
Bringing guests to the club

Members can bring guests to play squash, who pay a guest fee of £5 (adults),£3 (11-18 years) and £2 (under 10). Please sign in your guests at the bar or with the Club Manager. A guest can play up to 5 times per year. There is no charge for guests to use the clubhouse and bar, but we recommend Social Membership for anyone who would like to come to the club regularly.


If you have problems with using the site or have lost your user name/password/PIN please contact club manager, Karl Stowell on 07976 547239 / 0208 6432940 / manager@stscsport.co.uk


Sutton Tennis & Squash Club is committed to prioritising the well-being of all children and adults at risk, promoting safeguarding in our club at all times, including all programmes and events we run. Please see our safeguarding page here which includes details of our club welfare officer. And please see all our club policies here including Safeguarding Policy, Diversity & Inclusion Policy, Club Rules and Privacy Policy.