Tennis Singles Leagues at STSC

Regular, friendly, competitive singles

Any mini, junior or senior tennis members at STSC can enter the singles leagues to get regular games.

  • Players are put into leagues of about 5-6 players
  • Leagues last for 2 calendar months
  • Leagues are free to enter
  • At the end of every 2 month league, players will move up, down or remain in the same league. Winners will be announced
  • Leagues are mixed (male & female competing against each other).
  • All levels are welcome, but you should be able to play a match
  • There are leagues for mini tennis players, juniors and adults. Strong junior players may enter the adult leagues
  • Rules and formats will be announced.

The September/October 2019 league is running now. See the boxes and rules below. Next league starts 1st November. Contact Karl to sign up at

Singles League Rules

Your fixtures must be completed by 31/10/2019.

The fixture list is shown on the league itself.

What you have to do now

    • Because this league is a bit late getting going, we are asking that everyone takes responsibility for organising matches. Don't wait for someone else in your group to contact you. Just get on and contact your opponents and try to play as many matches as possible.
  • Anyone who does not respond to contact about matches may be withdrawn from the event.
  • If you are unable to arrange or play your matches, maybe through injury, illness away on holiday or unable to make contact with your opponent then you must inform Steve Bentley at or 07584 220363.

When both players are able to play at off-peak times (midweek daytimes), please try to do so. When this isn't possible, then go ahead and play at peak times but there are going to be a lot of singles matches played in the coming months and if we can spread them across the day it will make life easier and avoid court availability issues.

Match Rules

The default rules are:

  • Two standard sets with a championship tie break decider if all square(first to ten, two clear)
  • The sets will be sudden death deuce(ie: if the game gets to deuce, the next point decides the game). Returner chooses the side in this situation. And there will be no service net calls - you have to play on!
  • Balls to be provided by home player.
  • Lights to be paid for by away player.

Points system

  • Four points for a 2-0 victory
  • One point for a 2-0 defeat
  • Three points for a 2-1 victory
  • Two points for a 2-1 defeat
  • Three points for a ‘no fault’ walkover
  • No points for an ‘at fault’ walkover

Once your match is completed please write the results on the sheet in the conservatory and/or let Steve know via email at

How to write your score

In the example above, player B was the winner against player A. Player C was the winner against player D

Please note that we have several young players under 18. Match arrangements should be made with their respective parent/guardian.

See the September / October leagues below

September / October Leagues